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In Search of Roubakine



Thomas Lahusen

& Susan Solomon


Susan Solomon

Color & b/w; French, English, and Russian (English subtitles),
Digital HD 16:9; 66 min.

August 2012.


Paris, France

Vernet d’Ariege, France

Geneva, Switzerland

New York

The search for a 20th century Russian émigré, whose world was the “no place” of border crossings. A refugee from Tsarist prison, Alexander Roubakine (1889-1979) moved to Paris where he took his medical degree. Roubakine’s Paris was the site of a complex Russian emigration– “White” Russians who had fled the Bolshevik regime crossed paths with “pro-Soviet” Russians who escaped the tsarist regime. He was a loyal servant of the Soviet government in France, external expert in Health Section of the League of Nations in Geneva, and fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York. A member by marriage of an illustrious high bourgeois (and left-leaning) French family, Roubakine put down deep roots in France. In 1941, like other Russians living in France, he found himself a prisoner in two French concentration camps. Soon after being repatriated to Russia in 1943, he secured a post in the Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. During the Cold War, he maintained personal and professional contacts in France. In the 1960s, he enjoyed the rare privilege of foreign travel. Roubakine’s parallel lives made him an important intermediary between Russia and the West, but they complicated his allegiances and sense of identity.


8th Annual Commffest (Global) Community Film Festival in Toronto (September 2013)

Mada award.
Festival “Meeting with Russia” (Свидание с Россией), Tula, Russia
(27-30 Sept. 2013)
Festival “Kinoproba,” Ekaterinburg, Russia (November 2013)
8th International Festival “Russia Abroad” (Русское Зарубежье), Moscow (14 Nov. 2014)

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