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The Photographer



T. Lahusen, T. McDonald,

A. Gershtein


A. Gershtein


The Timofeyev Ensemble

59 minutes; color and b&w; Russian with English subtitles; digital video; Canada, December 2008.


Ryazan, Ryazan Oblast, Russia

The Photographer is Evgeny Kashirin (1949-2007). From the age of 19, Kashirin captured his time and place, the central Russian province of Riazan, through the lens of his black and white camera. Our film tells (t)his story through the words of his students and acquaintances, his photographs, and footage of the photographer’s own projected film compilations accompanied by his haunting blank verse. Together they take the form of a triptych: a dying rural life, a train, and the story of a man who traded his wife for a marble statue of Judith.In the film’s prelude, Kashirin visits the remains of the church and the cemetery of his childhood home in the village of Zatishe on a cold autumn afternoon. The film uses photograph from Kashirin’s massive archive, a vivid and poignant visual social and cultural history of his province and his times.


3d Zerkalo International Film Festival, Ivanovo, Russia (May 2009).

Globians World Culture Documentary Film Festival, Berlin (August 2009).

East Silver Market, Jihlava, Czech Republic (October 2009).

International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal (March 2010).

Online Film Festival “Humanity Explored” (2012-13).

В замерзшем троллейбусе 2-70
Evgeny Kashirin
Kashirin Zatishe
Kashirin, Grandmothers
В электричке Мешки с картошкой 10-69
Riazan city
Люди в электричке Птичка в клетке 8-89
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