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Children of Opium
(Üshkürük -The Sigh of Memory)


Directed and produced by Gulzat Egemberdieva.

Digital HD, color & black & white, approx. 45 min..

Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan


From legal use for pharmaceutical purposes to prohibition, trafficking, drug abuse and alcoholism, the extensive opium plantation in Soviet Kyrgyzstan had profound and long-lasting political, psychological and social repercussions until the present day. The film attempts to respond to what can be called a collective trauma.

Renovabis Research Grant 2023 from DFF-Deutsches Filminstitut + Filmmuseum e.V.

Arrested for opium contraband .JPG

    Top secret card of an individual 

      arrested for opium contraband

             (Karakol Security, 1942) 

Harvesting opium in Kg-2.jpeg
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