May 25, 2017


Manchurian Sleepwalkers, 2017 / Chemodan Films, Canada / 63 min. will soon be sent to the festival circuit.

With the passage of time, remembering becomes a form of sleepwalking. One-time émigrés of Manchuria and its legendary city, Harbin, take us on a journey of memory back to China. For many — Russians, Poles, Germans and Japanese — who left the country of the “last emperor” during the late 1940s and 50s, remembering borders on obsession. For Kumiko Muraoka, a Japanese-French poet, only forgetting alleviates the pain of having lost her childhood home.

Our film Screening from within will also soon be released. It documents film projection for migrant workers and rural inhabitants of various regions in China, including Beijing, Anhui, rural Sichuan and the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.




The Hitchhiker


The Hitchhiker

I'm So Alone With the Crowd

(2012) | Trailer Trailer

I’m So Alone With The Crowd

Komsomolsk mon amour

(2007) | Trailer Trailer

A love affair with Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the Russian Far East, its struggle with the past, and its hope for the future through the eyes of young people, aging Communists, former labor-camp prisoners, and the local avant-garde theater.


(2006) | Trailer Trailer

This is a film in which women remember a major uprising of 1930 against the collectivization of agriculture in their villages.

The Photographer

(2008) | Trailer Trailer

This film explores the life and work of a local historian and photographer who preserved the history of his city in a photographic archive.

In Search of Roubakine

(2012) | Trailer Trailer

Search of Roubakine Text

Meet Me in Harbin!


Harbin Echoes Text

The Interim Country

(2011) | Trailer Trailer

Gulzat Goes to Canada Text

Oh, My Communist Youth!

(2010) | Trailer Trailer

Oh, My Communist Youth

The Province of Lost Film

(2006-08) | Trailer Trailer

This is a film about memory and cinema in central-Russia.