December 3, 2016


Our film Screening from within is at its post-production stage. It documents film projection for migrant workers and rural inhabitants of various regions in China, including Beijing, Anhui, rural Sichuan and the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Manchurian Sleepwalkers, a film about the memory of  foreign residents of Harbin and what was once called Manchuria is also at its post-production stage. It includes interviews conducted in Japan, Germany, France, Poland and Russia, as well as photographs, archival footage, and footage shot in China between 2009 and 2015.



(2015) | Trailer Trailer


The Hitchhiker


The Hitchhiker

I'm So Alone With the Crowd

(2012) | Trailer Trailer

I’m So Alone With The Crowd

Komsomolsk mon amour

(2007) | Trailer Trailer

A love affair with Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the Russian Far East, its struggle with the past, and its hope for the future through the eyes of young people, aging Communists, former labor-camp prisoners, and the local avant-garde theater.


(2006) | Trailer Trailer

This is a film in which women remember a major uprising of 1930 against the collectivization of agriculture in their villages.

The Photographer

(2008) | Trailer Trailer

This film explores the life and work of a local historian and photographer who preserved the history of his city in a photographic archive.

In Search of Roubakine

(2012) | Trailer Trailer

Search of Roubakine Text

Meet Me in Harbin!


Harbin Echoes Text

The Interim Country

(2011) | Trailer Trailer

Gulzat Goes to Canada Text

Oh, My Communist Youth!

(2010) | Trailer Trailer

Oh, My Communist Youth


(2011) | Trailer Trailer


The Province of Lost Film

(2006-08) | Trailer Trailer

This is a film about memory and cinema in central-Russia.